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Your Business Needs a Website

Your Business Needs a Website

With the rise of social media, some companies have decided that having a website isn’t necessary. They use their social media accounts as their online presence. While that seems like an easy solution, it isn’t the best idea. Business websites are still an excellent way to give your business a professional online presence. Here are some reasons why.


A website gives your business credibility.

These days an online presence is expected from companies. If you have your own professional looking website, you automatically look like a more established company. You can use your website to show off testimonials from past clients to help gain the trust of new customers.


It helps build brand personality.

The look of your website and the language you use in the copy gives a potential customer an idea of what to expect from your company. A business website is a great place to showcase the unique aspects of your brand.


You have complete control over your website.

Some businesses make the mistake of using a social media account as their only online presence. That can work well for a time, but if that social media company makes changes, it will affect your business. Many companies were negatively affected when Facebook changed their algorithm to make business pages less visible on their site.


You can use it to capture emails.

Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with past clients and warm up potential new clients. A website is a prime place to gather email addresses for future marketing efforts.


It is a central hub to link to all social media accounts.

It is good to have multiple accounts to market your business on social media. A website is a place to send all of the people from those accounts to find out more about your company.


A website will give you a professional email account.

When you have a website, you will also be able to create a corresponding email account. Those emails will look a lot more professional than having a Gmail or Yahoo email address.


It’s another place to make sales.

More and more people are buying online. Having a website is the first step to participating in e-commerce. It is a place where you can make sales online and expand your reach outside of your local area.


Business websites are not relics of the past. They are necessary to help a business thrive and expand its reach. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need a business website. You do. Build one today.



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